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Dennemeyer maintains a unique and enviable position on the world IP market. We run the gamut of IP management with a singularly powerful combination of business support services: our global IP law firm Dennemeyer & Associates, the renowned thought partners of Dennemeyer Consulting and the state-of-the-art software packages DIAMS iQ and Octimine. Our customers benefit from all-encompassing expertise – from one organization.

Where we are

Over more than 60 years, our global presence has developed to comprise 20+ offices on six continents. Since 1962, we have continued to open new locations worldwide to serve every jurisdiction better. We believe our customers deserve the best representation wherever they want to protect their IP, in their own language and home time zone.

What you can expect from us

We are convinced that quality of service is a prerequisite when working with any business partner. Every IP service provider or IP law firm will agree on this, but only a few have the evidence to prove their claims. This commitment to measurable excellence is why we invested in an effective Quality Management System to plan, conduct and constantly monitor our service standards and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our mission is to protect intangible assets globally, which means the security of confidential information, corporate data and other resources is fundamental to our business success. For this reason, our Information Security Management System conforms to internationally accepted best practices as defined by the relevant security standards, procedures and guidelines, following ISO 27001 and BSI IT security baselines.

What we stand for

Our philosophy of practice is built around the core idea that IP rights are not just a commodity - they are often a company's most valuable assets. This is why we are committed to vigilance. Currently, the IP industry is undergoing massive changes, with IP service providers worldwide becoming the target of private equity investors. It is our observation that these developments do not inspire trust or confidence. Mergers and takeovers fundamentally alter this industry and will lead to increasing price pressure and consolidation. Dennemeyer refuses to be influenced by external parties and remains an independent, trusted partner for all our customers.

What this means for you

For decades, the key characteristics of IP management services have been reliability, steadfastness and the fostering of long-term business relationships. Today, many customers are concerned that a private equity business model, driven by fast profits, will adversely impact their IP rights. And this unease is not without cause. Hence, we carefully monitor the shifts in our sector, and buck the trend by investing for the long term. Through this sustainability mindset, our global group has seen a growth rate over the last few years well above the industry average. Customers value our way of thinking and the lack of private equity capital. We are customer oriented, self-funded and accountably managed. We are Dennemeyer – The IP Group.

Our history

The foundations of Dennemeyer's extraordinary success story were laid more than 60 years ago in Luxembourg. Since 1962, Dennemeyer has set the service standard for the IP industry and remains dedicated to developing improved ways to protect and preserve IP rights around the world. Initially a patent law firm, we now apply our abilities to the entire chain of IP management as a trustworthy one-stop shop. A succession of innovations has transformed the company headquartered in Luxembourg into one of the world's foremost IP service providers.

1962 - 1973
Spring in Luxembourg

The story begins. John. J. Dennemeyer establishes a patent law firm in Luxembourg. Business flourishes, the patent world is in full bloom.


It is the time for new inventions, new technologies and new beginnings. Soon, the Luxembourgish patent law firm is becoming a familiar name in the industry, as big clients make it their go-to company for patent-related issues.

1974 - 1984
Seeing the future

The company extends its reach. The first foreign office, Dennemeyer & Co. Ltd., is established in Stockport (UK), where the organization's first computer-based patent annuity payments are made. The electronic age is dawning, and Dennemeyer & Co. sees what the future needs.


In 1984, the first patent and trademark administration software is released. The world of IP welcomes the new arrival as workflows are streamlined and processes are simplified.

1985 - 2008
Going global

New offices open all over the world for what is maturing into a global company. Tokyo (Japan) in 1987, Paris (France) in 1997, Somerset and Chicago (both United States) in 2004 and Munich (Germany) in 2006 all become home to Dennemeyer offices. 

In 1997, the trademark administration software "Hypermark," the precursor of DIAMS, is acquired. With this pioneering step into the digital realm, the groundwork is laid for what is going to become one of the world's most powerful IP management systems.


2009 - 2017
Growing further

The Dennemeyer family grows and is now present on almost all continents. The joint venture PAN Asia IP Services Ltd. is created in Beijing (China) in 2010. Meanwhile, Dennemeyer & Associates is established in Brasov (Romania) in 2009 and swiftly expands, with offices opening in Munich (Germany) and Chicago (USA) in 2010, Tokyo (Japan) and Warsaw (Poland) in 2011, Melbourne (Australia) in 2012, Zagreb (Croatia) in 2013, Dubai (UAE) in 2014 and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2015. 


In 2011 the first version of DIAMS iQ is released, making the work of countless professionals a lot less stressful. In the same year, Dennemeyer is awarded the ISO 9001 certification for quality management.


In January 2017, Dennemeyer IP Solutions opens a new office in Singapore. Only a few months later, Dennemeyer & Associates moves onto its sixth continent by opening its office in Johannesburg.

2018 - 2020
New developments

In January 2018, Dennemeyer & Associates further solidifies its global presence with a new office in Paris.


In October of the same year, Dennemeyer acquired Octimine, an innovative startup company that provides cutting-edge patent searching and analysis technology using artificial intelligence (AI). The advanced software is used for prior-art, freedom-to-operate and opposition searches.


December 2019 sees a new member join the Dennemeyer Group: the well-established Italian IP law firm De Simone & Partners. Supporting Dennemeyer's "glocal" approach, the De Simone brand remains the face of the group in the Italian market while serving as a gateway to Dennemeyer's international legal and administrative core.

In December the following year, Dennemeyer opens the doors of a new office in Bengaluru (India), offering a local point of contact to clients in a burgeoning market.


2021 - 2023

July 2022 sees the instatement of Dennemeyer's current CEO, Tobias Diebold. Having joined as Chief Commercial Officer in 2018, Tobias has seen first-hand the incredible expansion of the Group over recent years. From the outset, he made it his ambition to continue "driving growth and innovation that creates value for our clients, employees and all stakeholders."