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IP 博客 / Comment DIAMS iQ aide Interparfums à gérer son portefeuille de propriété intellectuelle ?

Comment DIAMS iQ aide Interparfums à gérer son portefeuille de propriété intellectuelle ?

Interparfums is a French company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, specialized in the creation and international distribution of prestigious perfumes and cosmetics. The company currently manages a portfolio of 4,500 active trademarks and designs.

Guylaine Fichini has been working at Interparfums for 11 years as a paralegal and testifies to her daily use of Dennemeyer's IP management software, DIAMS iQ.

Can you tell us about your daily activity with DIAMS iQ?
Guylaine Fichini: I have been working in the field of Intellectual Property for more than 30 years as a paralegal. At Interparfums, I am in charge of several portfolios, including the prestigious brand Lanvin covering class 03 but also Rochas since 2015 in class 03 "perfumes and cosmetics" and other fashion-related classes.

My essential role is to deposit, renew and defend Interparfums' assets to preserve our company rights. Therefore, I ensure regular and rigorous monitoring of all registrations using the DIAMS iQ trademark software.

I use DIAMS iQ mainly for:

  • The management of brand / design & model portfolios;
  • The establishment of trademark registration reports;
  • The use of the world map to obtain a swift and clear view of our records for the visibility of future security;
  • Maturity management;
  • Requests for targeted searches, i. e. company searches and holders.

How is your legal department currently organized?
Guylaine Fichini: The legal department is composed of our legal director, a corporate and compliance legal officer, a legal manager who manages a junior legal officer, an Intellectual Property legal officer, a paralegal and an assistant.

How did the transition to DIAMS iQ take place at Interparfums?
Guylaine Fichini: Since our previous software did not meet our expectations, Interparfums got in touch with Dennemeyer following positive feedback from other companies that had adopted the software.

Interparfums was looking for a solution that combines all the following functions: user-friendliness, speed, reliability, performance, simplicity and ease of use.

We have chosen to work with DIAMS iQ because of the completeness of its features, the accuracy of information following requests, its reliability, its performance, its simplicity and its user-friendliness. Moreover, we appreciated the efficient hotline service.

How did the installation of the software work?
Guylaine Fichini: The deployment of the solution went very well. The implementation team ensured a complete follow-up from the beginning to the end of the operation. They were always available to answer all questions raised during data transfer.

Also, the training received during the migration was very professional and practical.

How would you rate the daily use of DIAMS iQ?
Guylaine Fichini: I am delighted with this software because of the completeness of its functions, reliability, speed and ease of use.

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